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COVID-19 PCR-LAMP Laboratory Testing

Protect your friends, family and co-workers while reducing the spread of COVID-19 with the ClearMe Pronto™. Utilizing industry standard molecular PCR and LAMP tests with proven laboratory accuracy, Clearme  offers digitally delivered results within 24-48hrs*.


Price Per test
Incl. Tax.

*Test result availability is based on sample specimen arrival at laboratory and excludes transportation times. Subject to laboratory operation hours, weekends and holiday schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clearme Pronto?

Clearme Proto is a simple and convenient way to receive a laboratory COVID-19 test without the hassle of visiting a designated testing clinic or hospital. It’s perfect for those seeking a convenient and private way to receive a complete PCR-LAMP COVID-19 test that can be used for travel, special gatherings, and for those who may have been exposed to to the virus.

Do I need to get a nasal swab?

No. Our test only requires a saliva sample which makes it a painless experience for everyone, especially children and sensitive individuals. Your Clearme Pronto pharmacy partner will provide the specimen collection kit to you at their location once you have purchased the test.

What kind of COVID19 test is included?

The Clearme Pronto service includes a Canadian developed PCR-LAMP molecular (RNA) laboratory test that features high specificity, high accuracy and rapid detection of the virus that causes COVID-19.

How long does it take to get my test result?

Test results are generally available within 24 to 48 hours and you are sent an email to retrieve your result report. Note: weather and circumstances beyond our control may affect result availability times.

Can I use this test result for travel?

Yes. Most countries including Canada and the United States accept the results of a molecular PCR-LAMP laboratory performed COVID-19 test. Test result reports are digitally verifiable and contain medical contact and test result information. NOTICE: Please check your destination country’s regulatory requirements for COVID-19 test requirements prior to taking this or any other test. Some countries may have specific requirements not provided by this test

How much does it cost?

The Clearme Pronto test includes all specimen transport, laboratory processing and digital reporting fees. Costs are listed on this page and are subject to testing type and availability.